Your life is a Novel. Write It!


Publish My Biography

You can now publish your biography without ever writing a word!

Custom memoirs and autobiographies at an affordable price

What will it cost to publish my biography?

$300 down gets the process started. Over three sessions of about an hour each, we will record your story and create a narrative. You get to edit the story as you see fit. You can add up to 20 photos to illustrate your story. Upon final approval of the book of about 50 pages, you pay the last $295. Most importantly, you will have your story recorded for all who come after you.


You may donate a copy of your autobiography to the local library. It can be available for purchase worldwide on and other book websites, and you may be able to sell your book through retail stores. You may give your memoir as a gift to friends and relatives or you may ask them to purchase their own copy of the book you have written.


What will I get?

  • 1 soft-cover book with illustrations and cover art

  • 1 free eBook copy of your autobiography

  • The rights to sell your book on and other book websites*

  • A press release informing local media outlets that a local resident is being featured in a published biography

We charge $595 for three telephone interview sessions of about an hour each. Additional interview sessions cost $150. Each interview session should add 10 to 15 pages to your story.

*You get to keep 100% of royalties if you upload your book and manage your sales. If you choose to let us manage your book on these websites, we charge only 20 percent per sale.

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Everyone has a story, you just have to know how to get it out. Elite Publications is excited to offer a special program Publish My Biography. Over the past seven years, we have launched the who's who in the martial arts biography books and the martial arts Masters and Pioneers biography books with over 2000 martial artists sharing their biographies to the world of how the martial arts in power in their lives.

Publish My Biography program is a new affordable way to preserve your life story.