This book will give you a glance into the lives of some of the world's greatest martial artists and answers the question, who's really who in the martial arts? This resource immediately takes a place at the forefront of references covering martial artists and stands out as the new benchmark for martial arts accomplishment.


Read inspirational stories by renowned martial arts masters and grand masters, as they share their martial arts journey with a focus on the martial arts business, training programs, and more. For the novice martial artist, this is a business directory pre-qualifying potential instructors to launch your martial arts journey. This is one of the first books of its kind that reaches around the world with over 500 pages


By preserving your history in the new Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Biography Book gives you the opportunity to share insight on you as an award recipient to share with your students and community through this official publication.

Many martial artists have lost the opportunity to share their success as students, teachers, competitors, and leaders.

Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Volume 3 Softcover - Tribute to GM Chuck Norris

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