More Than A Martial Artist


By Dr. John T. Williams

This powerful inspiring book shares the story how Dr. John T. Williams's early struggles in life propelled him to be a world leader,  humanitarian, and martial arts champion.

Dr. John makes sure he leaves no one behind. He is the youngest of 14 children. He comes from a broken home, failed the seventh grade three times always having D’s and F’s and having a hard time reading and writing.


He shares how one person, Mrs., Etter Mae Robinson, told him, that he was smart and could be anything in life that he wanted to be. That, was when Mr. Williams made a tremendous change in his life. With the improvement of his self-confidence and self-worth. Dr. Williams was the first in his family to finish high school and attend college.

He shares his proven system for building confidence and how changing your mind can change your life.



More than A Martial Artist By Dr. John T. Williams

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