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Write the Best Story You Can

Do you have a completed manuscript that needs to be polished before being published or submitted?

Are you ready to push your writing skills to new heights?

Or do you have a narrative idea that isn't coming together and need someone to brainstorm with to figure out what's lacking, that "magical ingredient" that would turn this novel into a bestseller?

I can assist you.

I specialize in assisting self-published authors in telling their story. "Revision is where the magic happens," is my editing credo, which I often share with my clients and author friends.

"The magic happens in revision."

Creating a Magical Story
When I delivered my first work to an editor, I first experienced the enchantment of revision. She helped me shape that lumpy piece of clay into a story I was proud of, and which has now delighted hundreds of readers. I was so enamored with the magic of editing that I decided to learn how to do it myself.

I have a solid understanding of both the craft and the special demands of indie authors, having studied the craft of storytelling for over twenty years and having self-published four novels.

Coach for Personal Writing

Have you ever wished for someone to give you honest comments on your narrative that was in both your and your story's best interests?

Have you ever pondered what you could do to improve both your writing and your story?

I enjoy assisting writers in making their stories the best they can be, whether that means pushing you to go deeper into your storyline, characters, and emotions, or helping you fine-tune your style and sentence structure until your narrative is a stunning, page-turning masterpiece. I've worked with authors across a wide range of genres to help them shine, and you may be next!

The First Steps
Are you still apprehensive about speaking with an editor? I've been there before! But the truth is that every tale requires editing, and I am passionate about working with authors like you to create story magic. Please contact me with your questions using the form below, and we'll talk about where we can go from here.

Please keep in mind that a question is not the same as a commitment. I'd love the opportunity to provide you with a quote, but you are not obligated to hire me if you want one.

The rate is determined on the requirements of the manuscript as well as the length of the manuscript.   As a developmental publisher, I specialize on fantasy and speculative fiction, middle grade, young adult, suspense, romance, women's literature, inspirational, and literary fiction. I also work with memoirs and other forms of creative nonfiction.

We have a finely tuned eye for stylistic editing and copyediting that can be applied to a wide range of fiction and nonfiction.

All of my suggestions are just that. It is always up to you to make the final decision.

If you are interested in working with me, please fill out the form below. I will reply within one business day to discuss your project and request your sample. I look forward to hearing from you!

Name *

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Working Title

This is only for my records to keep me organized, so don't worry about picking something that may change later.

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Full Manuscript Assessment                                          Partial Developmental Line Edit           

Full Developmental Line Edit                                         Copy Editing  

Story Development or Brainstorming Session             Site Proofreading or Assessment Other                                                       

Previous work done on this project

What stage is your project at? Please tell me if it has had the previous editing done, and if so, what kind. Also mention whether it has had beta reader feedback.

How did you hear about me?

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Message *

Tell me about your project: what's it about, and why do you think I might be a good fit?



Let’s Work Together

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