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How To Earn Monthly $30,000 In Self Publishing

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

With the economy on the downward slide, most writers turn to self publishing their books for additional income while others who are already published go for self-publishing because they want to earn more money. They are just not satisfied with their chosen traditional publisher. Before you decide to enter the Self Publishing world, remember first that on the first month, you will be earning nada. Earning should not be your top priority during these times. This means that you have to have extra income or money to spare. With that said, let me remind you that you can however earn as much as $30,000 a month in self-publishing, just read carefully the following steps:

1. The first thing that you have to do is to write a helpful book. You have to think of a particular topic that will be useful to lots of readers. As much as you can, target a universal audience. Although writing for a niche market is also good, the potential for earning may not be as good with it. This includes fiction, which can be a huge success or a big bomb.

2. Next, identify your target audience. Are you after the below 5 years old or the teens or the adults. Who do you think are your immediate target audience? Are they professionals, paraprofessionals, or just an ordinary individual? Who do you think would be easier to sell to? Who has the buying power? Is it the reader of Harry Potter or the reader of Marketing and Strategies?

3. Then, you have to identify what type of book you’re going to publish. You should also know what type of publication you will be printing. This will be crucial to your marketing strategies. You should also look into the materials that you will be using. Although it will not be as crucial like with clothes, it will still matter.

4. After that, you should conduct a little bit of marketing. Do some research on how much a book price is so that you will know how to price your own book. Is it okay to charge your readers an amount of more than $100 dollars or will a lesser amount be more appropriate? Try to make a feasibility study about your book and books in the same genre. Check the competition and make your book more affordable.

5. As mentioned earlier in this article, don’t think of royalties so early in the game. You will end up disappointed. Sales can be sluggish during the first few months. Try to give it a year. If the sales is not picking up, try to hire a marketing personnel to boost your book sales in the market. Sometimes all it needs is some good marketing strategy.

When engaging in a Self Publishing industry, you should also be aware of a possible loss in your investment. But don’t think negative. Make this your mantra: I can reach your $30000 per month royalties. Following the instructions above will give you a boost that will even allow you to surpass the $30000 royalty mark. If you want more help, you can check some of the helpful websites about self publishing, just type the keyword “Self Publishing” or “Self Publishing Strategies” or “Engaging in Self Publishing” or “Tips in Self Publishing” or, “How to be a self publish my book” on your favorite search engine.

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